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Are you wanting to deepen your faith this Lenten season? Are you stuck in your prayer life? Do you want to journey with others towards Christ? Consider joining a Small Church Community (SCC).

SCC’s offer the opportunity to gather with a community centered around authentic conversations, real relationships, and restoring faith. Groups meet once a week for 90 minutes to reflect and discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday. There is a group for everyone and every need.

Still thinking about joining? Check out some reviews from past participants:

“I joined an SCC for the first time last Lent and had a wonderful experience. More than anything else that I have done, I felt that an SCC really helped me to connect to and grow in my faith.”

“SCC has 100% helped me to become more spiritual in my daily life. It has encouraged me to see God outside of church and really think about actions in my daily life and how they reflect God or how I can try to act more humbly and be a better person.”

“I have met some amazing people through SCC. Friends that I truly cherish and admire. Immediately, since my last SCC, I was amazed to meet people who truly cared about me even though they only knew me for a short while. That to me is so amazing and something I will always cherish.”

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