Our music ministry seeks to offer God true worship by using the gifts he has given us. We lead the congregation in communal prayer through hymns, psalms, and other sung prayers. Our Masses feature a variety of musical styles to help our diverse parishioners connect with God.


Weekend Masses Musical style Typical instrumentation Open to new members
5 PM Saturday Mix of contemporary and traditional Piano and flute Need 1 male singer
8:30 AM Sunday Mostly contemporary with some hymns piano Yes, especially sopranos and altos. 
10 AM Sunday (livestream) contemporary (or a contemporary spin on traditional) Piano (electric bass) not at this time 
12 PM Sunday Traditional hymns with chanted antiphons Piano or organ yes
2 PM domingo (espanol) Mix of contemporary and traditional Piano (guitar, violin) yes
5 PM Sunday Mostly contemporary Piano, strings Need 1 soprano/cantor
8 PM Sunday (school year) Mostly contemporary with some hymns Piano, strings, drums, guitar yes

Note: All English masses use the same settings for the Gloria, Liturgy of the Eucharist, etc.


Other Opportunities:

6:30 PM Grad/YP Mass Choir (Once a month on Mondays during the academic year)

– graduate students and young professionals

Contact Devon Vaughn for more information:  

5:10 PM Ig.nite Mass Choir  (Every Thursday during the academic year)

– undergraduate students

Triduum Choir

Sign Up:

Contact Travis Dantzer:

If you would like to audition to be a pianist or organist at St Mary, please contact Travis.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Travis Dantzer.