“On ASB, I was able to work with people who are as on fire for Christ as I am, and I was able to complete a service for someone in need.” – Felicia H.

“My ASB experience completely changed my life. As I worked with people in Nicaragua, I saw the immense beauty of the spirit of the country. I saw how hardworking, loving, and determined the people were there. I truly think my ASB experience has left me a changed person for the better.” –Paige S.

“I met people I would not have met otherwise, I was challenged to grow outside my comfort zone and be bold for God. I saw God move in people’s lives and expand my capacity to love.” –Brennan M.

“At our site, we faced a lot of struggled with the work we were doing, our lives outside of ASB, and our faith, but we were able to get through these struggles and God moved us to grow through each other and to reach others. We didn’t do what we were expecting to do, but I still had a fulfilling experience that assured me in the importance of doing God’s work, even the little things” –Evan D.

“ASB isn’t merely just a service trip but it is a faith strengthening, eye opening experience that has helped me gain a better appreciation for the blessings I have in my life” –Daniel S.

“It’s hard to put into words how unbelievably present I felt God’s love through the work and people of my ASB experience” –Morgan H.

“I learned so much by being in community with people who are so strong and inspiring in their faith journey. ASB is a great way to get out of the Ann Arbor bubble, gain some perspective and do something meaningful with an incredible group of friends.” –Bethany D.

It meant a lot to me to be able to take a week away from my day-to-day life to immerse myself in a new place and community and learn about the lives of the people there that are vastly different from my own life. I grew so much not only in awareness of the issues faced there, but also compassion and solidarity with the people I was lucky enough to meet.” –Anna T.

“I can easily say that ASB has been the best weeks of my life. I’ve learned so much about marginalized communities, and it has been the most humanizing experience. It has inspired me to dedicate my life to service.” –Jeff Z.

It’s hard to put the trip into words, but ASB was humbling, heart-wrenching, and transformational. I felt myself growing closer to God through all of my conversations and experiences throughout the week, and I was touched by the light of God that I saw in the people I encountered. ASB reinvigorated my faith life, and I couldn’t be more grateful!” –J.H.